trackHERO Gear

Passion for the sport of racing

trackHERO is a new-to-market lifestyle apparel brand that evokes passion for the sport of racing and caters to the automotive enthusiast in all of us.


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Racing has been my life. As a toddler, I sat in my play pen watching my dad, in awe, as he built his race car. As I grew up, I spent weekends at the track where my own love for building cars and racing was ignited. By building cars for myself, part by part, automobiles and racing transitioned from just a hobby into a way of life. There has never been a lifestyle brand tailor-made for passionate automotive enthusiasts like me.

We all share in this enthusiasm, and it is why I’ve created this brand. trackHERO is for all ages and levels of automobile and racing passion. trackHERO is designed to keep you looking and feeling cool, both on and off the track. You can now partake in your racing lifestyle… and look good doing it.

My first


My latest, the official trackHERO project car


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